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Our lawyers have assisted the Greater Vancouver community with all types of home purchases and commercial real estate transactions, as well as complex real estate development matters such as land assembly, subdivision, REDMA compliance, and pre-sale contract drafting. With over 8000 real estate files completed, our firm has been consistently voted top three Real Estate Law Firms in Richmond.


We have assisted countless clients in every aspect of their business cycle, including advising and setting up their business structure, business financing, negotiating investment terms, drafting of shareholders, partnership or joint venture agreements, acquisition of other businesses as well as large corporate amalgamations and business sales.  We are also experts in acting for both franchisors and franchisees in all matters relating to starting, operating and expanding a franchised business.



Collingwood Law Office has been providing legal services to the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia for more than 13 years, helping countless members of the community with a vast array of legal decisions. Our team of experienced lawyers have assisted clientele of all backgrounds navigate the complexities of real estate, business, and immigration law. Whether you are an foreign resident coming to Canada with big dreams, a business owner looking to expand, or a real estate developer looking to build, our extensive legal experience will ensure your transaction is carried out efficiently and smoothly. 


At Collingwood Law Office, client satisfaction is our number one priority. This means making sure that our customers have a full understanding of what work is being done and how that work is being done on any given file. We firmly believe that our client’s interests are best served when they are informed, and to that end, we not only advise our clients, but also educate them on their legal rights and obligations to the best of our ability.


We do not provide service in every area of law, but for what we do, we aim to provide only the highest quality of service in our legal work. Over the years, we have worked hard to specialize in the fields we do practice in, never cutting corners or taking on files we are not confident in. We will gladly refer our clients out to other trusted lawyers for matters outside of our fields of expertise, because we understand the importance of placing the client’s interest first.


As a law firm that has been serving clients for over a decade, we know that uncertainty can create a lot of unnecessary stress, so we aim to provide our clients with a fixed quote for each file whenever it is practically possible. We are able to do this because of our wealth of experience in our practice which enable us provide accurate estimates of the work load for each file. We get rid of the unpredictability of billing by the hour, and our clients can rest easy, knowing that a few phone calls and emails won’t make an extra dent on their wallet.


Although we are very serious about our work, we are easy going and fun people. We want our clients to talk to us as if they are speaking to a family member. Our team of lawyers and support staff located in both Vancouver and Richmond, BC, come from all walks of life and a multitude of different cultures, so we are always sensitive to the varying needs of different clients from different backgrounds. We also speak multiple languages, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi and Shanghainese.

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